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Tokyo International Cruise Terminal

In 2020, the year Tokyo will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a new gateway to the city — Tokyo International Cruise Terminal — will open in the Port of Tokyo.

The Port of Tokyo boasts outstanding access to the city’s vast array of sightseeing, cultural, sports, entertainment and dining offerings, as well as to the rest of Japan by land or air. As a central hub for sightseeing in Japan, the Cruise Terminal will offer exciting sightseeing experiences to visitors from around the world.

Also, for the year 2020 and beyond, through the development of its waterfront and Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, Tokyo will show visitors and citizens alike that it is a dazzling and bustling international city that also offers plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding land and sea.

With the opening of Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, the Port of Tokyo will enable the city to build an even greater reputation as an internationally-renowned tourism capital, further showcasing and promoting Tokyo’s numerous charms.



[Design concept]

The symbolism of Tokyo as an urban center and tourism hub appealing to travelers from all over the world is the inspiration for Tokyo International Cruise Terminal logo; the Port of Tokyo is represented by the anchor motif. Skyscrapers in the background represent Tokyo's growing population and economic concentration, and bustling city.

The base color is identical to the red of Tokyo Tower (International Orange [Engineering]), and is accented by a yellow tone inspired by Tokyo’s skyline at night. The design expresses a sense of anticipation that the bustling metropolis of Tokyo will also transform into a city of relaxation and warmth with the opening of Tokyo International Cruise Terminal.

Use of the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Logo



A NEW GATE TO JAPAN has been chosen to showcase the Terminal as the new entrance to Tokyo and the rest of Japan.
NEW EXPERIENCES represents the exciting sightseeing and travel opportunities that can now be launched from Tokyo International Cruise Terminal, as well as the expectation that the great metropolis can evolve into a tourist destination that offers experiences unheard of in the past.

External View of the Terminal Building

Design Concept「Gate to Tokyo」

The expansive roof expresses dynamism through its curved, traditional Japanese design and images depicting ocean waves and a ship’s sail.

External View of the Terminal 1

External View of the Terminal 2

External View of the Terminal 3

External View of the Terminal 4

Interior View of the Terminal

The third and fourth-floor atrium offers a comfortable, relaxing lounge space.

Interior View of the Terminal

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